It is important to note that you must only collect firewood within a designated domestic firewood collection area and during a domestic firewood season.

Importantly it is illegal to sell firewood from firewood collection areas.

  • Please ensure that you only collect fallen or felled trees
  • You many not collect more than 2m3 per person per day. Note: 1m3 is approximately a 1.8m (6') x 1.2m (4') trailer of split firewood, neatly stacked to a height of 0.5m (20")
  • Do not collect more than 16m3 per household per financial year
  • Note also that it is illegal to sell firewood collected from domestic collection areas or to use the wood in a commercial enterprise
  • Heavy vehicles (> 4.5 tonne GVM) (including any trailer) must not be brought into or used in a domestic firewood collection area
  • Heavy machinery (e.g. a bulldozer, crane, excavator, forwarder, hydraulic log splitter, saw bench, skidder, skid steer loader and tractor) must not be brought into, or used, in a firewood collection area
  • Do not tow or winch fallen or felled trees along the ground
  • Do not collect firewood within 20m of a watercourse
  • Do not drive your vehicle off formed roads or tracks
  • Do not cut, break off or damage standing trees or shrubs (living or dead)
  • Do not take away fallen or felled trees that are visibly hollow or growing moss or fungi with a coverage of >50%
  • Do not damage, disturb or destroy native flora and fauna
  • Do not injure, damage, deface, desecrate, destroy or remove cultural heritage sites and artefacts
  • Take all litter with you when you leave
  • Do not enter the forest on days of Code Red Fire Danger rating
  • Do not use chainsaws on days of Total Fire Ban
  • Use only chainsaws fitted with a proper exhaust and spark arrester
  • Only refill chainsaw oil and fuel on an impermeable surface


Please take care of yourself and others at all times when collecting firewood. In particular:

  • avoid collecting firewood when conditions are wet, windy or hot
  • assess your work area for hazards before you commence your work
  • avoid working near hazards
  • avoid working alone, or with children
  • be trained and competent in the use of firewood collection equipment (including chainsaws) and use well maintained equipment
  • wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment


Hazards found in designated firewood collection areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • broken overhead branches, dead standing trees
  • uneven or slippery ground conditions
  • vehicles
  • mine shafts
  • snakes and stinging insects

If you would like to retain a copy of these rules, feel free to download the following: Domestic Firewood Collection Rules

Please also refer to for more information on safety in forest operations.

Please note, video surveillance cameras may be installed firewood collection areas.  Authorised Officers conduct regular patrols of the forest.

Please ensure you abide by collection rules, as significant penalties apply for non-compliance.

If you suspect illegal activity contact our Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Page last updated: 07/09/2018