In our commitment to Munganin – Gadhaba ‘Achieve Together’, we partner with Traditional Owner groups to deliver our Bushfire Fuel Management Program. This partnership increased our synergies between our focus on fuel management objectives and the role of Aboriginal burning practices.

During 2016-17, our combined efforts included local Aboriginal group input into planned burning and the delivery of cultural burns (such as the Walpa Dyurrita cultural burn, at the base of Mt Arapiles, and the Dja Dja Wurrung cultural burns near Maryborough and Bendigo).

We are working with Victorian Aboriginal leaders to develop a statewide traditional burning strategy. The Aboriginal Fire Strategy will seek to restore thousands of years of land management practice with a focus on embedding traditional burning practices into fire regimes in Victoria. These traditional burns do not take away from other risk reduction practices, but add Aboriginal knowledge and skills to the delivery approach. These traditional burns represent achievement towards the Munganin – Gadhaba ‘Achieve Together’ goal to increase the participation of traditional owner groups in the management of Country.

Page last updated: 17/10/18