Forest Fire Management Victoria crews are gearing up to start Autumn planned burning across the Far South West District in the coming weeks.

Forest Fire Management Victoria, CFA and the Glenelg Shire are working  with local communities to ensure residents and visitors are informed about the upcoming planned burning program which will reduce bushfire risk across the District.

Far South West District Manager Mike Harper said: “We’ll be aiming for planned burns in the Far South West to cover around 5,000 hectares, weather conditions permitting.”

“Our main focus will be on carrying out fuel reduction burns around at-risk communities.”

“The planned burn program’s priority is fuel management around the Gorae community, with a broader focus on surrounding areas including Casterton, Milltown and Digby.”

“The current weather outlook is favourable for planned burning from March through to the end of April, which could see a considerable amount of burning activity occur across the District.”

“Our crews will use a range of equipment to deliver planned burns safely for our communities.”

“This equipment will include hand-held drip torches for lighting burns, four-wheel drive vehicles with large water tanks, fire tankers and bulldozers.”

“Reducing bushfire fuel means fires are less intense, making it more likely that firefighters can contain them before they impact on people, property and the environment.”

Letter drops are being carried out and information sessions will be held  to inform local communities about the upcoming operations.

The following information sessions have been planned with the CFA and the Glenelg Shire

  • Gorae West Fire Station (28 February 3 - 6pm)
  • Heathmere Fire Station (1 March, 3 - 6pm)
  • Milltown Fire Station (2 March, 3 - 6pm)
  • Heywood Fire Station (7 March, 3 - 6pm). A Glenelg Shire Representative will be attending the Heywood Open House.

Drivers can also expect to see electronic information signs along major arterial roads in the District, alerting residents when planned burns are taking place nearby.

Stay up to date on planned burns in your area by searching online for Forest Fire Management Victoria or calling 1800 226 226. If you see smoke and want to know if it is a planned burn or a bushfire, visit, check the VicEmergency app or call 1800 226 226.