Forest Fire Management Victoria officers have cleared up a large amount of illegally dumped rubbish after a tip-off via a local Facebook page.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Paul Bates said “Two officers found the rubbish west of Bonn Road in Rochester near the Campaspe River after information was posted to the Rochester Community Facebook page.

“It took two Forest Management Officers four hours to collect and remove a heaped tandem trailer load of garbage, which included household waste, papers, clothing and grass clippings,” Mr Bates said.

“One of the frustrating things about this situation is that approximately half of the litter could have been recycled for free.

“The Rochester transfer station accepts recycling at no cost and is open Tuesdays, 1pm – 4pm, and Thursdays and Sundays, 9am – 12pm.

“Not only is litter unsightly, it can also cause environmental problems such as pollution of land and groundwater, produce odour and dust as well as possibly affecting on wildlife and encouraging vermin.

“It is too often the case that people dump their rubbish in forests, parks and reserves, rather than taking it to the tip as they should.

“The dumping of rubbish and other unwanted belongings anywhere, except at an authorised landfill, is illegal.

“Under the Environment Protection Act 1970 it is illegal to dump rubbish on public land and carries an on the spot fine of $317 or up to $6,342 if prosecuted in Court.

“We encourage everyone to do the right thing and keep the great outdoors clean for everyone to enjoy.

“We’d like to thank the community member who posted this on Facebook. The most effective way of reporting illegal dumping in state forests or on public land is to please call DELWP on 136 186.  Anyone with any information about the illegal rubbish dumping near the Campaspe River at Rochester is encouraged to contact DELWP.