Government employee chatting to person carring fire wood

Firewood collection areas are now open for Spring firewood collection season and will close on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

Firewood is made available to members of the public for domestic use only.

Firewood can only be collected from state forests during the Spring and Autumn seasons at specified times and locations. The Autumn season will open on 1 March and closes 30 June.

People can only collect a maximum of 2 cubic metres of firewood in a day and may collect up to 16 cubic metres per household per financial year.

Firewood collectors can only take fallen or felled wood in a designated firewood collection area in a firewood collection season.

People are not to damage, disturb or destroy dead or live standing trees or collect visibly hollow logs or logs growing moss or fungi.

Recent rains may have impacted some forests.

Victorians are being urged to check the weather before heading out.

Please avoid collecting firewood during or immediately after heavy rainfall for your own safety and to ensure that your car doesn’t become bogged due to muddy tracks.

Further information and maps of collection areas are available at firewood collection in your region.