Residents of Red Cliffs, Sunnycliffs, Mildura, Cliffside, Monak, Trentham Cliffs and Gol Gol (New South Wales) are advised they may continue to see smoke for the next couple of days from a 66-hectare planned burn conducted yesterday (Sunday) at Woorlong Wetlands in Kings Billabong Park.

Mallee District Manager Phil Murdoch said: “During consultation with the community, local residents requested the burn due to concerns over the high amount of fuel loads, primarily cumbungi and spiny rush, in the area.

“The burn is part of an integrated plan to reduce bushfire risk to people, property and highly valued assets as well as to eliminate a feral pig harbour in the area,” Mr Murdoch said.

“Feral pigs were regularly reported in back yards and farming properties of neighbouring houses and becoming a problem for land holders.

“The burn was ignited around midday yesterday and took approximately five hours to complete.

“The smoke became quite dark during the burn due to a combination of the density of the heavy fuels and some moisture at the bottom of the reeds.

“Eighteen Forest Fire Management Victoria firefighters and approximately 20 CFA firefighters from Irymple and Red Cliffs fire brigades carried out the burn with assistance and support from volunteers in the Sunraysia Forward Command Vehicle.

“All roads are now open and Forest Fire Management Victoria crews will patrol the burn area for the next couple of days.

“Two burns planned for today (Monday) in the Murray Sunset National Park have been postponed due unsuitable weather conditions.  Forest Fire Management Victoria officers will look at rescheduling the burns when the forecast shows cooler temperatures and reduced wind.”

For the latest information about when planned burns are happening near you go to download the VicEmergency app or call the VicEmergency hotline on 1800 226 226.

You can also access the Planned Burn Notification System (PBNS) from here, which is an opt-in system that can send you an SMS or email message prior to a burn being carried out and when it is in progress.