Forest Fire Management Victoria officers will be patrolling on motorbikes in Koorlong State Forest on Friday 6 October and Saturday 7 October to ensure people are doing the right thing.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Senior Forest and Fire Operations Officer, Andy Koren, said people can ride horses, trail bikes and go four wheel driving in state forests as long as they stick to formed roads.

“The definition of a road is ‘a road or track formed for the passage of vehicles with four or more wheels,” Mr Koren said.

“To explore Victoria’s state forests on a motorcycle, you must have a motorcycle licence or learner’s permit and your motorcycle must be registered.  

“All road rules apply so you must always wear an approved helmet, keep left and ride safely according to conditions.

“Motorcyclists can be fined for driving off-road, including riding their motorbikes on walking and pushbike tracks.

“Riding off-road is detrimental to the environment because it causes soil erosion and damage to native vegetation growing on and around the tracks

“Quad bikes, all terrain and side by side vehicles are not allowed to be operated in state forests.

“We will be speaking to people to ensure they are aware of the rules and regulations.

“An infringement notice penalty of $159 applies to those found illegally riding vehicles off-road in state forests under the Land Conservation (Vehicle Control) Regulations 2013.  If the matter was to be heard in court the accused faces a penalty of $500.

“DELWP officers regularly patrol state forests to ensure people are considerate of other forest users and the environment and adhere to the regulations.”

If you see any suspicious behaviour in public land areas, please report it to DELWP on 136 186 or your nearest DELWP or Parks Victoria office or police station.