Gunbower canoe launching ramp

People of all abilities can now enjoy improved and safer fishing and canoeing on the Gunbower Creek thanks to a new canoe launching ramp built as part of the Victorian Government’s Great Outdoors program.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) Forest Fire Management Officer Nick Whatley said: “The installation of an all-abilities canoe launch ramp will serve campsites in Gunbower State Forest as well as day visitors.

“Gunbower Creek has been popular with canoeists and other recreational users for many years and we are delighted that people who may not have been able to previously participate, can now enjoy this great experience.

“The purpose-built canoe ramp allows people of all ages, abilities and experience levels to get in and out of their canoes on a safe, stable platform before sliding in and out of the water.

“The ramp has rollers and a floating end that steadily lowers into the water as the user moves off.

”The ramp was constructed using recycled materials, making it great for the environment as well.

The canoe launching ramp is now available for locals and visitors enjoy!

It provides easy access to the Gunbower State Forest Canoe Trail, that wanders through the wetlands where users can enjoy the local waterbirds, wildlife and aquatic plants.

The ramp can be found on the Gunbower State Forest Canoe Trail, access via the Koondrook Track.

The $26,000 project is part of the Victorian Governments $105.6 million Victoria’s Great Outdoors program.