Campfire and barbeque regulations

Restrictions apply to the use of campfires and barbeques in Victoria. These restrictions are important to reduce the chance of a bushfire that could result in loss of life and property. They are actively enforced and penalties apply for non-compliance.

Educate yourself on use of campfires and barbeques by visiting our Fire and Regulations page.

Mobile phone coverage

Many forest areas do not have mobile phone coverage. In case of emergency you may wish to bring a satellite phone, or hire a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).


Check the weather before you venture out. Be fire aware.

Check VicEmergency for information about current fires, Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.

For weather forecasts and warnings, check the Bureau of Meteorology.

Always bring protective clothing in case the weather changes.

Consider rescheduling your visit during stormy weather or at times of high bushfire danger.

Road conditions

Be aware of your and your vehicle’s limitations. Most of our forest roads are dirt roads, many are four-wheel drive only (particularly after rain!) and are typically narrower than urban roads so always keep to the left.

Use common sense – If the road is not easily trafficable by your vehicle turn back.

Be prepared

Bring the things you need including decent maps, drinking water, insect repellent and protection from the sun (hat, sunscreen, long sleeves).

No bins

Pack it in, pack it out – there are no bins provided. Please bring a plastic bag and take your rubbish home.

Toilet facilities

Toilets are typically non-flushing - what we call long-drop - toilets. They are basic and can run out of toilet paper and may not have hand-washing facilities.

Bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

Falling tree limbs

When camping or having a picnic, be aware that trees and limbs may fall unpredictably.

Being under or near trees may be dangerous and could cause injury.

For further information, visit the Parks Victoria - Tree risk page.

Consider others

State forests are popular for walking, mountain bike riding, four wheel driving, trail bike riding and other activities. Enjoy yourself, but not at the expense of others or the environment.

General safety

Let someone know before you go. Visit the Victoria Police website for trip intention forms and more.

Our Road Management Plan

Most roads in State forest are maintained to a standard based on land management needs, however a small number of roads have specific maintenance specifications to suit visitors and other users.  The DELWP and Parks Victoria Road Management Plan (PDF, 3.0 MB) specifies how these public roads will be maintained, and the Review Report (PDF, 507.6 KB) describes the most recent changes to this plan.

Page last updated: 24/10/19