Bushfire Code Red days

When Code Red days are declared, parks and forests will be closed.  More information on Code Red related park closures can be found at Parks Victoria.

For a list of State Forest closures see State forest closures

Further information about Code Red days:

Code Red park and forest closure factsheet (PDF, 195.1 KB)

Code Red park and forest closure factsheet (DOCX, 288.4 KB)

Gazette map – public safety zones on Code Red days – forecast districts (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Prepare and get ready – updates

Public Safety Zones

Public Safety Zones are areas where access is closed or restricted to ensure public safety. These may be applied to 'planned burns' and 'fire operations areas' in State forests.

When: Public access is not allowed while either a sign is displayed, DELWP staff, equipment, machinery or vehicles are present.

Where: Public access is not allowed within a planned burn or other fuel management work area, ancillary works associated with these areas or within the 'safety exclusion buffer zone'. The safety exclusion buffer zone is a 150 meter buffer around these areas.

Our Joint Fuel Management Program outlines where planned burns and other fuel management activities are planned. Public access to these areas may be restricted.

Current Public Safety Zone Declarations with restrictions and conditions can be found here:

More information

For details call the Regional Fuel Management Coordinator during business hours via our Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Page last updated: 22/03/21