Damage from emergencies

Victoria has experienced fire, flood and storm emergencies in recent years, including widespread flooding during spring 2022, affecting many communities across the state. Some areas remain affected by these events.

To stay safe, always check for road and forest closures. This will also help keep our emergency services personnel safe. Remember that riverine flooding can impact areas several days or weeks after rain has stopped and wet grounds can make trees unstable for a long time.

We work hard to keep information up to date in quickly changing emergency situations. After an emergency, it may not be safe for our field staff to access and assess some sites for some time.

It is possible that there is flood and storm damage to some roads and visitor sites not listed as closed. When conditions allow, staff will assess and repair sites so that they can be safely opened to the public.

We regularly update our interactive map as this information comes to hand.

Seasonal road closures

Seasonal road closures are in place in some areas over colder and wetter months. Check this page for updates.

There are currently no seasonal road closures.

Before you travel

For closures of parks and roads managed by Parks Victoria, check the Parks Victoria website.

For general road closures, check the VicTraffic website.

For emergency information, including Information & Warnings, visit the VicEmergency website.

Always be careful when using state forests - we've compiled some handy tips on the Explore Outdoors website and below.


MapShareVic is an interactive platform that provides maps and information on current road, track and visitor site closures in State forests. You can zoom in to your area of interest and click on closed roads or sites for more detailed information on their closure. You can also search by place name, site or road name.

This map is updated by regional staff who maintain the data and enter any closures that may apply. It may only show the roads and tracks affected by the normal seasonal closures and other known or planned closures. Unplanned closures are sometimes necessary for safety reasons. They may not be immediately visible in the MapShare platform.

Public Safety Zones

Public safety zones are areas where access to public land is closed or restricted to ensure public safety. Public access is not allowed while either a sign is displayed, DELWP staff, equipment, machinery or vehicles are present.


Closure period commencing from 29 December 2022 and ending on 30 June 2023 inclusive.

  • Blue Pool campground, within Moornapa State Forest
  • Froam campground, within Moornapa State Forest

A Public Safety Zone has been declared, read the Victoria Government Gazette and find a map of the closure (PDF, 1.1 MB).

Loddon Mallee

As a result of recent severe flooding in the area, Guttrum and Benwell state forests have been closed to the public until 30 June 2023.

For your safety and to reduce the impacts on the environment, a Public Safety Zone has been established to reduce the risk of unauthorised entry and damage to the sites.

While important road maintenance work continues, we ask you to please follow road closure signage, both for your own safety, and to allow crews to operate safely and effectively.

Benwell State Forest - all tracks are closed

Guttrum State Forest - all tracks are closed

Gunbower State Forest - roads are progressively opening as they are assessed and made safe.

To see road closures go to the More to Explore tab on MapshareVic or the More to Explore app.


A Public Safety Zone is no longer in place in the Wombat State Forest, however, some areas remain closed due to storm damage and ongoing recovery works.

Please adhere to any localised closures for your safety and the safety of staff and contractors who are undertaking storm recovery work in the Wombat State Forest. Please be aware that heavy machinery will be operating when storm debris management and road repair works resume.

Read more information about:


A Public Safety Zone is currently in place to undertake the treatment of fire killed hazardous trees along Lady Talbot Drive, Marysville, and adjoining tracks and recreational reserves.

Read the Victoria Government Gazette which includes public land closure maps.

Stay safe on public land

Changing weather conditions can affect tracks, roads, river crossings and trees. Be careful even where closures are not in place.

Water levels and currents can increase quickly and without warning. Take care around rivers, creeks and lakes.

Never walk, ride or drive through flood water - it could be the last thing you do. Take extra care on the road to avoid hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges. Don't play, swim or go recreational boating in flooded creeks and rivers.

Be careful around trees, especially when the ground is soaked and soft as that makes trees more likely to fall.

Call Victoria State Emergency Service on 132 500 from anywhere in Victoria for flood and storm emergency assistance. For life-threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

Road conditions

The condition of forest tracks can vary due to environmental factors. The MapShare interactive map platform may only show the roads and tracks on DEECA-managed land affected by the normal seasonal closures and other known or planned closures. Unplanned closures are sometimes necessary for safety reasons. They may not be immediately visible in the MapShare platform.

Falling trees, inclement weather, emergency response can all cause unplanned closures.

Visitors are strongly advised to be aware of weather history and forecasts, to be careful and follow the advice of emergency services.

Hazards can be reported by calling 136 186.

The DEECA and Parks Victoria Road Management Plan (PDF, 3.0 MB) specifies how the public roads are to be maintained.

Planned burns

Joint Fuel Management Program Public Safety Zone Declaration - 9 September 2022 to 31 August 2023

Public access is not allowed within a planned burn or other fuel management work area, ancillary works associated with these areas or within the 'safety exclusion buffer zone'. The safety exclusion buffer zone is a 150 meter buffer around these areas.

To find out if any planned burns are happening near you, or to sign up for notifications, visit Planned Burns Victoria.

State forests and parks closures during planned burns

Catastrophic fire rating

All state forests and forest parks will be closed in weather districts where a Catastrophic fire danger rating day has been declared. To see what Fire Danger Rating applies to your location, visit the CFA website.

State forest and park closures during catastrophic fire rating days

Catastrophic fire rating park and forest closure fact sheet

Catastrophic fire rating park and forest closure fact sheet

Page last updated: 23/05/23