Public Safety Zones

Public safety zones are areas where access is closed or restricted to ensure public safety. Public access is not allowed while either a sign is displayed, DELWP staff, equipment, machinery or vehicles are present.

Due to severe weather impacts, selected state forests, reserves and tracks in Loddon Mallee, Grampians and Port Phillip regions are now closed. A full list of all closures can be found below.


Closure period commencing 15 February 2022 and ending on 31 May 2022 inclusive.

Hartland State Forest: Orbost - Wombat Track
Murrungower State Forest and Bemm State Forest
Cabbage Tree: Emphields Track
State Forest Marlo: Bushland East
Bemm State Forest and Mount Raymond State Forest: Cabbage Tree - Palm Track
Bonang State Forest: Bonang - Telecom Track
Mount Alfred State Forest: Mount Alfred - Wattle Creek Road
Mount Alfred State Forest: Mount Alfred - Kill Me Dead Creek
Mount Alfred State Forest: Wuk Wuk - Harding Road East
Mount Alfred State Forest: Melwood - Melwood Boundary track
Bullung: Warl State Forest Clifton Creek - Bark Bucket Creek
Bruthen State Forest: Bruthen - Pipe Dump Road North
Gurrun - Gurrun: Yarn State Forest Bruthen - Omaras Road
Gurrun - Gurrun: Yarn State Forest Bruthen Deadhorse Creek
Colquhoun/Boyanga: Gidi State
Forest Nowa Nowa: Stockyard Break
Colquhoun/Boyanga: Gidi State
Forest Nowa Nowa: Long Hill Track
Hartland State Forest: Tostaree - Old Tostaree Road
Colquhoun/Boyanga: Gidi State Forest
Nowa Nowa: Pettmans Road East
Bullung: Warl State Forest Mount Taylor - Jones Road
Mount Alfred State Forest: Wuk Wuk - Cox Boundary tk
Colquhoun Regional Park
(FFR tenure) Colquhoun - Tin Shed Track
Colquhoun Regional

The closures, including maps, was published in the Victorian Government Gazette No. 9 dated Thursday 3 March 2022 - pages 1369-1393 inclusive (PDF, 6.9 MB).


A Public Safety Zone is no longer in place in the Wombat State Forest, however, some areas remain closed due to storm damage and ongoing recovery works.

Please adhere to any localised closures for your safety and the safety of staff and contractors who are undertaking storm recovery work in the Wombat State Forest. Please be aware that heavy machinery will be operating while storm debris management and road repair works continue.

Read more information about:


A Public Safety Zone will be in place from March 25, 2022 until June 30, 2022 to undertake the treatment of fire killed hazardous trees along Lady Talbot Drive, Marysville, and adjoining tracks and recreational reserves.

Read the Victoria Government Gazette which includes public land closure maps.


MapShareVic is an interactive platform that provides maps and information of current road and track closures on public land, including state forests and parks. The maps also provide information on planned closures (e.g. roads, tracks or sites to be closed for maintenance or repair works). The information for visitor site and walking/mountain bike trails closures are for state forests only.

The interactive maps that you can enlarge to view your area of interest and allows you to click on closed roads or sites for more detailed information on their closure. You can search by place name, site or road name and create and print a PDF closure report with maps and text.

For those planning a trip to State forests, selecting the More To Explore tab to find key information on State forest recreation visitor sites and tracks and any closures that apply to the road, track and visitor site network. This map is updated by regional staff who maintain the data and enter any closures that may apply.

Visit the MapShareVic Help page to help you get the most out of the maps.


Road Conditions

The condition of forest tracks can be variable due to environmental factors and the published road and track closures on the MapShare interactive map platform may only indicate the tracks affected by the normal seasonal closures and other roads and tracks with known or planned closures. Tracks may become blocked and impassable at any time by factors such as tree fall, inclement weather, emergency response and other unplanned closures necessary for the local land manager to manage the roads, tracks and the public land, and these closures may not be immediately visible in the MapShare platform. This can occur at any time of the year but is more likely to occur in remote areas with low traffic volumes.

Additionally, after rain events some river and stream crossings and many of the unsealed roads and tracks on the public land road network may become impassable, extremely slippery and hazardous very suddenly. Due to the legacy of forest fires in many of the forested areas in Victoria many trees may have become weakened or killed as a result of these events. These trees pose a heightened risk to all forest users, especially during times of high winds.  Visitors to all public land are strongly advised to be aware of weather history and forecasts, exercise great care under these conditions, follow the advice of emergency services and re-evaluate the need to be in these environments during these times.

The DELWP and Parks Victoria Road Management Plan (PDF, 3.0 MB) specifies how the public roads are to be maintained.  A small number of roads have specific maintenance specifications to suit visitors and other users.

Planned Burns

Public access is not allowed within a planned burn or other fuel management work area, ancillary works associated with these areas or within the 'safety exclusion buffer zone'. The safety exclusion buffer zone is a 150 meter buffer around these areas.

State forests and parks closures during planned burns

Code Red Fire Danger

All state forests and forest parks will be closed on Code Red Fire Danger Rating days.

State forest and park closures during code red days

Code Red park and forest closure fact sheet (PDF, 195.1 KB)

Code Red park and forest closure fact sheet (DOCX, 288.4 KB)

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