[Sound of helicopter flying overhead]

[Voiceover] Victoria is one of the most bushfire prime parts of the world planned burning is the most effective tool.

[Text on screen] Adam Green Regional Fuel Management Coordinator - Hume

[Adam Green] We have to reduce the impact of bushfires on people, property and the environment. Autumn provides the greatest opportunity to live a planned burn, the fuels are no longer drying out following the summer heat, and the stability of the weather provides conditions suitable to deliver burns in a safe and efficient manner.

[Voiceover] Over coming weeks and months you might see or smell smoke in the area.

[Text on screen] Brendan Purcell Senior Forest Fire Management Officer - Goulburn

[Brendan Purcell] Smoke from plant burns may at times be an inconvenience. However, the work that we're doing at this time of year reduces the impact and scale of bushfires over the summer period.

[Text on screen] Louise Stringer Forest Fire Management Officer - Goulburn

[Louise Stringer] Outside of planned burning, we also conduct non burn fuel treatments. This includes slashing, mulching and implementing and upgrading our strategic field breaks. But plan burning is the most effective tool we have to reduce fuel loads.

[Brendan Purcell] We work closely with a number of community groups, including adjoining landholders, forest uses, tourism associations and one groups to deliver a planned burn program, which reduces risk to the community but also minimizes impact during delivery on those communities and industries.


[Louise Stringer] The planned burn notification system is a great way to stay up to date with burns happening within your area.


[text on screen] To register for planned burns updates visit:

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