We are a diverse, inclusive and professional organisation that puts the community at the centre of everything we do.

Our team includes staff from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria, VicForests and Melbourne Water.

Our aim is to reduce the risk and impact of bushfires on Victoria's parks, forests and other public land.

Our firefighters are easily identifiable by our distinctive green overalls and are responsible for responding to all bushfires on public land. We are responsible for planned burning and preparedness activities, like slashing, mowing and creating fuel breaks on public land.

We also maintain water points and fire towers in our forests and parks, and manage community and environmental recovery when a fire does occur.

We work alongside the CFA, other emergency services and local communities year round to protect people, property and our iconic landscapes.

Our emergency management capability continues to expand beyond fire as we adapt our skills for all emergencies, all communities.

We are the lead agency for:

  • bushfire management on public land
  • whale stranding or entanglement
  • dam safety
  • oiled wildlife
  • water and wastewater service disruption

We also play a support role in emergency management for:

  • food or drinking water contamination
  • flood
  • heatwave
  • marine pollution
  • exotic marine pest incursion
  • search and rescue

Page last updated: 24/09/18