2021 Spring firewood collection season

  • Firewood can only be collected twice per year from State Forests at specified times and locations.
  • Victoria’s Spring firewood collection season opens on 1 September. Find maps for firewood collection areas.
  • Under the current COVID restrictions you can only collect firewood if you need firewood for essential heat so long as you follow physical distancing requirements and stay as close to home as possible.
  • Remember you must wear a face covering when you leave home.
  • We are balancing the need to ensure the fallen timber doesn’t pose a fire risk with the desire to provide the community with firewood and ensure fallen logs are still available to wildlife.
  • Some parts of Victoria will have modified domestic firewood collection rules in their areas due to the June storms and the need to ensure people can safely get, and collect firewood.
  • Regular updates are being provided to affected communities as work progresses.
  • FFMVic Chief Fire Officer is focused on enabling recovery efforts on roadside debris and Strategic Fire Network roads, ensuring they are first open for emergency vehicle use and then ensuring the legacy fire risk of debris situated on the ground is managed.
  • DELWP, through Forest Fire Management Victoria is working with forestry industries including VicForests to explore opportunities to make fallen timber available for use, including for community firewood.
  • Storm firewood will be made available for the community in designated areas once suitability for a range of purposes has been assessed and only when it is safe to do so.
  • Financial assistance is available for vulnerable Victorians who rely on firewood.

When you can collect firewood

Firewood can be collected from:

  • 1 March to 30 June (Autumn season)
  • 1 September to 30 November (Spring season)

Firewood cannot be collected outside these times to minimise risks to people, the environment and infrastructure during winter and periods of highest fire hazard.

If there is a high fire danger risk, the firewood collection season may be shortened to reduce risk. Do not enter the forest on days of Code Red Fire Danger rating.

Some firewood collection areas may close at short notice due to a planned burning activity. New firewood collection areas may also open throughout the season.

Where you can collect firewood

  • Select the button below to view where you can collect firewood in your area and any information that might be exclusive to your region.

Where to collect firewood

  • Please view the Regional State Forest maps to identify firewood collection areas in your region. Here you can download and print an updated map of where firewood can be collected in your area. Please be aware of information that may be specific to your region.
  • Official signs make these areas easy to identify.
  • Please note it is illegal to sell firewood from domestic firewood collection areas.
  • Do not collect firewood within 20 metres of any rivers, creeks, lakes or dams.
  • Please protect native flora and fauna and respect cultural heritage sites.
  • Please take your litter with you when you leave.

Firewood regulations

There are serious penalties for failing to follow firewood collection rules.

FFMVic works with the Conservation Regulator to regularly patrol state forests and make sure people are adhering to the firewood collection rules.

Official signs make these areas easy to identify.

Read about what you can and can’t collect and the penalties on the new Conservation Regulator website, or click the button below.

Rules for collecting firewood

Page last updated: 31/08/21