All fire access roads have been reopened and affected fuel breaks reinstated.

1,649 cubic metres of debris from alongside fuel breaks and fire access roads within the Dandenong Ranges National Park has been removed.

Mountain Ash that fell in the Dandenong Ranges during the October storms.

Some of these works were carried out with the assistance of VicForests.

The wood removed was processed into kiln dried flooring, structural timber, scantling, timber fence palings and commercial firewood.

Most of the areas impacted by the June 2021 storms will be left to decompose naturally.

Some areas are within Bushfire Moderation Zones.

The primary aim of work in these areas is to manage bushfire risk to protect communities and assets.

While fuel loads in these areas are currently very wet, it is important that we reduce the volume when conditions allow.

Reducing the volume of debris will also allow planned burning to safely take place.

It will also support access into these areas in an emergency.

Despite the unusually wet autumn and winter, we carried out planned burns across 75 hectares in the Dandenong Ranges including in Kalorama and Montrose.

These and other burns are designed to reduce the size, intensity and impact of future bushfires on communities and the environment .

Planned burning will resume in the Dandenong Ranges in 2023 when conditions are suitable.

Areas within the Silvan Reservoir were also highly impacted by the storms.

Melbourne Water has been working to remove excess debris to:

  • ensure water quality is maintained and
  • reinstate fire access roads and fuel breaks.

Find out more about the works to clean up the storm debris in these locations by clicking on the the interactive map below.

The pins on the map show you:

  • roadside works in purple
  • broadacre works in orange.

If you zoom in, you will see the hatched area and the boundary of each treatment site.

Clicking on a pin or a hatched area, will provide you with information about a site, including:

  • a unique site number
  • the name of the location of where works are taking place, usually relating to a road or track
  • which organisation they are being done for, usually DEECA and sometimes on behalf of a land manager
  • a description of the status of the works, with an estimated start or finish date for the works (if available).

Further information email

Please note that the hatched area on the map is the total site area. The area that timber is being removed from is generally only part of the site area.

The maps will be updated as value checks are finalised and checked in the field.

Public Safety Zones will be put in place prior to the works commencing on any site. This means that access will be restricted, ensuring everyone’s safety while heavy machinery is in the area. It is an offence to enter a Public Safety Zone.

VicForests' works under the Timber Utilisation Plan are not works on behalf of DEECA. VicForests may be undertaking timber harvesting operations close by to DEECA storm debris works.

More information about the VicForests project plan can be found on the VicForests website.

Page last updated: 13/02/23