Endangered Mallee fowl in the Annuello Flora and Fauna Reserve in the Mallee have been protected from the threat of fire thanks to a Strategic Fuel break renewed during 2022.

Aerial view of the Annuello Flora and Fauna Reserve fire

The break renewal was part of a $82 million State Government investment in bushfire risk management.  $35million has been spent on constructing or refreshing 1447km of Strategic Fuel Breaks across Victoria.

Strategic Fuel Breaks renew or create an area of fuel reduced land around towns or assets allowing fire management activities to take place

FFMVic Deputy Chief Fire Officer Loddon Mallee, Scott Falconer, said that a recent header fire had demonstrated the importance of Strategic Fuel Breaks.

'Header fires start when harvesting equipment overheats and catches fire,' he said.

'As the photo shows the fire spread quickly, eventually reaching the property border and spotting into the reserve.

'Fortunately, it didn’t get any bigger.

'A boundary track and the new Strategic Fuel Break allowed fire appliances to get near the fire and put it out.

'Accumulated vegetation fuels had been reduced along the fence line on the property in 2011 when a low-intensity planned burn was carried out.'

Mr Falconer said the combination of all these measures to reduce bushfire risk allowed responders to quickly get on top of the fire.

'This event demonstrates the importance for property owners to manage vegetation fuels on their property.'

For more on farm safety - Harvest Fire Safety | CFA (Country Fire Authority)

Image shows the path and spread of the fire toward the Flora and Fauna Reserve. Seen from the air,  the arrow points to fire suppression taking place (left of photo) on the renewed strategic fuel break and access track. The circular track is another break in the reserve.  (Photo: DEECA/CFA )