Access and closures in State Forests

During the year, various state forest vehicle tracks, bike tracks, walking tracks and recreation sites may temporarily close (or partially close with access restrictions) to the public for a range of reasons. These may include:

  • Fire damage
  • Flood or storm damage
  • Planned maintenance
  • Planned seasonal road closures (usually from June to November)
  • Environmental watering (ie. On Gunbower Island some roads will be closed during winter and spring)

Public Access Map

The Public Access Map is an interactive map that shows where known full and partial closures apply. This map is updated by regional staff when the timing of closures is confirmed.

The Public Access Map is intended as a guide only and is updated by local district staff as the road network, picnic, camping, walking, and other facilities are gradually repaired, reopened or closed.

Public Access Map

What the Public Access Map does:

  • The Public Access map provides information on known road closures (including seasonal road closures) for both state forests and national/state parks. The information for visitor site and walking/mountain bike trails closures are for state forests only.
  • It is an interactive map that you can enlarge to view your area of interest.

The map allows you to click on closed roads or sites for more detailed information on their closure.

The map also provides information on planned closures (e.g. roads, tracks or sites to be closed for maintenance or repair works).

It enables you to search by place name, site or road name and create and print a PDF closure report with maps and text.

What the Public Access Map does not do:

  • The Public Access Map does not provide information on access into areas during active fire or flood events. Please do not use this site to plan access into affected areas during active fire or flood events.
  • For up to date information on current fires and related emergency warnings, visit VicEmergency.
  • The Public Access Map does not provide information on planned burning of forest areas, often conducted during spring and autumn.
  • Information regarding planned burn track closures is available from media releases, signage on the planned burns and roadblocks on major tracks during burns.
  • You can find out more information on the location and timing of planned burns here.
  • The Public Access Map does not show normal seasonal variations in road access related to tree fall, slippery track conditions and road surface.
  • It does not contain road, track or site closure information for local councils, committee of management reserves, alpine resorts or VicRoads.
  • While seasonal road closure information is provided for Parks Victoria managed parks and reserves, it does not contain any other road, track or visitor site closure information.

For information on other types of closures (and additional information on seasonal road closures) on land managed by Parks Victoria please contact the Parks Victoria Information Centre (ph: 13 1963) or visit  their website.

Road conditions

The stated closures will not indicate all the tracks affected by the normal seasonal pattern of accessibility.

The condition of forest tracks is variable due to environmental factors. Tracks may be blocked by tree fall during winter, especially in remote areas with low traffic.  After rain, crossings may become impassable and many tracks can become extremely slippery and difficult to negotiate safely.  Be aware of weather history and forecasts, and exercise greater care under these conditions.

How to report a track closure

If you find a major track closure (not just some trees across the road) such as a washed out crossing, land slip or major tree fall event, please report the track name, location, and nature of the closure please contact us.