Fire Operations Planning

We encourage people to get involved in all aspects of planning for our fire management operations.

DELWP and Parks Victoria carry out fire operations to reduce the risk of bushfire to people, communities and the environment.

These operations include planned burning, slashing, mowing, creating fuel breaks and maintaining infrastructure (like fire dams and lookout towers) in our forests and parks.

We take an integrated approach to planning our fire management operations, with strategic planning used to identify important community values; the risk that bushfire presents to those values and our strategies to reduce that risk.

DELWP and Parks Victoria prepare a three-year fire operations plan to set out the actions we will undertake to deliver on our bushfire management strategies.  In particular, these plans set out where and when activities to reduce bushfire risk will take place, such as planned burning, slashing and mowing, which reduce the leaves, twigs, shrubs and other vegetation that fuel bushfires.

The fire operations plan provides the opportunity for those who live near public land  or are interested in a particular area to talk to us about the timing and scheduling of planned burns and other bushfire fuel management activities in that area.

All these conversations are important and we encourage people to speak to us about this at any time of the year.

The fire operations plan is reviewed and updated each year with the latest local knowledge, fire ecology, fuel hazard and other local information. Conversations with stakeholders and communities help to shape this plan.

Get involved

You are welcome and encouraged to get involved in fire operations planning throughout the year.

Your involvement could include providing suggestions for new planned burns or changes to proposed burns. You could also provide comments about other proposed fire operations such as slashing, mowing and other clearing activities.

You can provide input while we develop the plan. You may also have comments once the plan is finalised, including comments or questions about the delivery of the fuel management activities.

This can be done in a number of ways – through individual discussions with your local DELWP Fire Management staff and where community information sessions are held in your area.

What's different this year?

DELWP will approve and update the Fire Operations Plan late on Friday 05 August 2016.

We will provide a FOP - Statement from each Bushfire Risk Landscape, to demonstrate the projected residual risk reduction and ecological outcomes of the fire operations plan over the coming three years.  

We have moved towards a year-round approach to talk to stakeholders and communities about planning fire operations. People are encouraged to have conversations with us throughout the year.

We have has moved away from focussing on a draft fire operations plan in August and are encouraging greater involvement in strategic and operational planning year-round. The approved fire operations plan will always be available online to view and people can comment on the plan at any time.

The approved FOP will continue to be produced each year and released publically. The idea is that it is always available for people's input - not just during August.

How to get involved

To discuss fire operations in your area and for more details on how to get involved:

  1. Talk to a member of staff at your local DELWP or Parks Victoria office
  2. Phone the Customer Service Centre on 136 186
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