Bushfire risk management: the facts

Keeping communities and the environment safe in a changing climate.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) helps keep the community and our environment safe from bushfire risk.

More than ever, climate change and its impact on the work we do is at the forefront of our thinking, planning and actions.

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We use several ways to manage the risk of bushfires to communities and the environment.

Each region of Victoria has developed a fuel management strategy suitable to suit the region’s landscape, conditions and risk level.

We manage bushfire risk on public land like national and state parks, and other crown land reserves.

Bushfire management strategies

A planned burn is the controlled use of fire under carefully managed conditions to reduce fuels like dead wood, leaves, bark and shrubs.

Reducing these fuels decreases the impact of bushfire by lowering the speed, intensity and size of a bushfire making it easier for firefighters to manage.

Planning burning can only take place during mild and stable weather conditions by trained fire-fighters using specific lighting patterns and resources.

Planned burning in your area