Importantly, the code sets out our two primary objectives for managing fire on public land:

  • To minimise the impact of major bushfires on human life, communities, essential and community infrastructure, industries, the economy and the environment. Human life will be afforded priority over all other considerations.
  • To maintain or improve the resilience of natural ecosystems and their ability to deliver services such as biodiversity, water, carbon storage and forest products.

The code outlines what the department will consider or do on public land to achieve bushfire management outcomes and objectives. It does not prescribe the operational detail for how the department will achieve these goals. That detail will be specified in bushfire management manuals and guidelines, which will be publicly available and consistent with the code.

The code is divided into seven major sections:

  • risk-based bushfire management and planning
  • prevention
  • preparedness
  • fuel management (including planned burning)
  • response
  • recovery, and
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Code of practice for bushfire management on public land (PDF, 5.0 MB)
Code of practice for bushfire management on public land (DOCX, 64.4 KB)

Page last updated: 04/05/21